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Starting in Haslemere (for South Downs National Park) or Buxton (for Peak District National Park) you can experience the thrill of riding a powerful US Police Harley Davidson through the English countryside as one of a group. Straight from a US cop to you!


Texas – The Lone Star State

Harley Davidson test their latest and most powerful engines on the police. These bikes aren’t just from the USA, they are from the State of Texas! We imported our bikes direct from downtown Houston, even more American than the rest of the USA. Horses have been a big part of the Texan culture and motorbikes were a natural progression. Texas is the home of the American cowboy and the huge popularity of motorbikes keeps the Texas cowboy tradition thriving into the 21st Century.

The Ride

28Riding in a group of Harleys through the South Downs National Park/Peak District National Park is an unforgettable experience. Half day morning or afternoon rides are over 50 miles.


The Experience

How it feels to ride a big Harley

Riding the Harley Davidson Road King Police is an experience in two parts.

Firstly there is the awe inspiring presence of the iron machine, it’s physical size, the sense of being on top of a great piece of engineering, in charge of a big part of motorcycle history – from the traditional retro screen to the massive air cooled V-twin beneath with old fashioned external chrome push-rod covers, the huge tank with instantly recognisable speedometer and ignition switch on top, the unique belt drive from the massive primary drive casing with timeless chromed steel built to last forever.

Secondly, counterpoint to the first part of the big bike experience are the more subtle aspects arising from the years of evolutionary development, the 103 cubic inch engine with the latest developments in fuel injection, the sophisticated ECU management system controlled by sensors for every variable you can imagine and a few you can’t.

Turn on the “non-European” ignition and the experience starts to notch up another level. Press the starter and the rumble at tick over takes over your senses. The machine feels alive and most uncontrollable, seeming to move around beneath you before you’ve actually started moving, breeding trepidation as to what will happen when you move off. A clonking shift into first heightens the feeling of foreboding but releasing the clutch takes you to another place. Instead of the imagined HGV like qualities it transpires that the ride is similar to that of a sub 200kg super-bike, feeling planted but eager to dive into the corners in an unbelievable transformation. Filtering? – no problem; comfort? – this is 500 mile a day machine, and you could do it all again the following day, with pleasure.

Riding as part of a group is a major part of the experience

Looking ahead and seeing a couple of offset Harleys cleaving their way forward with tremendous road presence; glancing in the mirror and spotting the familiar windshield, headlights and front forks of the Harley Davidson Road King Police; knowing you are part of this group; it all makes for an unforgettable and unique part of your motorcycling experience. Motorcycling can often be essentially a solo experience, riding as part of a group of Harleys takes your motorcycle experience into a new dimension, solid and thrilling. Much more than sharing the road with like minded people your first group ride on big Harleys will be cemented into your memory bank for life.




We run most weekends and can do weekdays too. Groups of up to four can be accommodated most days. Just email us with your preferences and we’ll do our best for you. ([email protected])

Riders need to have regular riding experience of a bike of over 250cc during the past two years and be over 25 and under 70. Other insurance conditions (see Terms and Conditions web page) apply. All riders are different but we suggest they should be over 5’8” in order to push the side stand back. Try our 883 Harley SuperLow if you want a lighter smaller ride (email us to book). Riders with pillions are welcome but check availability first

Please turn up on the day unless it is icy or snowy. If the weather forecast is poor please bring your wet gear.

Ride-outs are from 9.30 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 16.30.

You will be given a full briefing on the bike’s controls.

We have eight ex–police Harleys, four fitted with pillion seats, four at each centre, also an 883 Harley Davidson Sportster for a smaller lighter ride in the South Downs.

Riders are welcome to bring a pillion.  We will also take pillions on their own and will only put them on the back with an American Motorcycle Experience employee riding. Numbers are limited on each ride-out so please check for availability. ([email protected])

As a rider you should wear your normal protective gear. As a pillion you are advised to wear protective gear too. We have helmets, gloves and jackets available should you require them.

The ride-outs are set in the South Downs National Park and Peak District National Park and go around some of the best motorcycling roads in England.

You will need to bring your driving licence; and two further forms of identification with your address or photo on it; your completed acceptance/disclaimer and insurance declaration (riders); your protective riding gear.

On arrival you will be offered tea and coffee. We stop mid-morning/mid-afternoon for a drink.