The Bikes

Shifting is the conventional one down and five up, however there’s also a heel shift which while different is much more effective once you get the hang of it. Use your toe to change down and your heel to change up.

There is a useful 6th gear indicator – a green light on the speedo shaped as a “6″ – to tell you when you are in top gear. Neutral is hard to find on Harleys when stationary but using a small “tap” either with your toe when in second, or your heel when in first will quickly light up the neutral light. Alternatively finding neutral while still rolling slowly seems to work.


The brakes are truly impressive – rear braking on a bike like this is much more effective than a conventional Japanese bike.

Like BMW’s the Road King Police has separate left and right buttons for the indicators. The self cancelling function is useful and if you get confused a quick glance down at the lights bar on the petrol tank will confirm whether or not the indicator is still going.

The “Jiffy” stand (sidestand to you or I) has a neat self locking device so the bike won’t come off the stand even if it rolls forward. Look down and if you can see a small half moon shape at the top of the stand it has locked in place and you are safe to lean the bike over.

Fully serviced and insured by professionals.

On the move


“Paddle not Push” is the order of the day. Your leg muscles can easily cope with the mass of the bike at a standstill or at walking speeds – your arms less so. Also the seats are ultra low, hence “Paddle not Push”.

Low rev power, cruising along with plenty in reserve, is the usual order of the day but drop down from 6th to 3rd at 60mph and twist the throttle to see what 1103 cubic inches can really do. With a theoretical maximum speed of 150mph in top gear at the red line, this bike is not lacking in any way whatsoever.

Riding with the windshield on, any speed is comfortable for any distance. However, should you wish, the windshield is instantly removable, and explains why you see most Harleys cruising at 50-60mph, any more and your arms get tired very quickly.

Massive quick release police panniers complete the package.

Brian talk’s you through the controls

How to be a pillion/passenger